From Gym Rat to Lean and Mean

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I’ve been a weightlifter for 10 years. I thought knew how to eat right, build strength, and lean out. I’d built and improved on several lifting schedules, but I would hit a ceiling before really leaning out. I would end up getting more bulk than lean.As the years went by, I became complacent in my routine to the point where I was at the gym four days a week yet had topped 20% body fat.

The more time I spent at the gym the more I felt like it was not paying off, despite all my efforts. At times, it felt like more of a game of chance than a sure path to a goal.

Fit-Nez put an end to my frustrations. She helped me to organize my efforts, set goals, and knock them out one by one until I reached each next level.

Even if you already feel like you know your way around the gym, I guarantee there is something you’re missing out on until you work with her.

Are you a heavy lifter? Then you probably haven’t yet mastered your cardio schedule or diet to best complement your routines. Are you a cardio pro yet can’t burn the fat? I bet you wonder if hitting the weights actually pays off (it does). If you want to learn how to balance and tailor your diet, cardio, and lifting to most quickly achieve and maintain your goals, see Fit-Nez.

It doesn’t matter if you are training for a show, wanting to fit back into those dress pants, or if feel like your t-shirts are getting tighter in all the wrong places. You need to see Fit-Nez. If you have a goal, and you’ve been spending longer than two months working towards it without perceivable results, it’s time to see Fit-Nez. Time is too valuable to visit the gym without knowing whether it will pay off. Now when I hit the weights, I know what the results will be in the next week, month, and year because of Fit-Nez. I couldn’t give her a stronger recommendation.