14 left…

on 10.06.2009 / by admin / Comments Off on 14 left… in From Inez

In 14 days, I will be competing under the light at the VA GRAN PRIX show in Norfolk, VA.

Last time, I blogged I was hanging up my glass slippers to focus on other personal related matters.

Now for the last 18 weeks, I have been training hard to make my return to the FIGURE stage bigger and better than ever.

I have spent the last year putting on about 12lbs of muscle, primarily in my back and shoulders. I have spent countless cardio hours and conditioning sessions getting my legs leans. I have adhered to a lifestyle of discipline and kept with clean-eating nutrition plan.

All in all it been a productive off season….

Now it’s crunch time. These last 14 days I will transform in the athlete who deserves FIRST.

My diet will be minimal, my work-outs will be hard, my sleep schedule will be eratic, my moods interoperable, etc…..

Here is to the first day …of the the last 14….let the race begin!