6 weeks

on 28.06.2008 / by admin / Comments Off on 6 weeks in From Inez

In exactly 6 weeks, I will be under the stage lights competing against some of the best at Nationals. Here’s the plan to make it happen:

Diet: 6 meals a day consisting of complex carbs (asparagus, broc, brown rice) and protein (egg white, flank steak, chicken, tilipia)

Cardio: Mon – Fri (AM Cardio 50 mins on Step Mill) (PM 50 mins on Step Mill)
Sat & Sun (AM Sprints 30 mins & 25mins Step Mill) (PM Walk 35mins)

Weight Training: High Volume w. Jason at XtremelyFit (he murders me!) 3-5x a wk Emphasis – sculpting legs, rounding out shoulders and widening back

Tanning: 5x a wk w. Prep H

Posing: Practice Makes Perfect! Every sec I can

Rest: No going out, must put legs up and rest or I will retain water in my legs

All in all, the next 6 weeks will consist of strict discipline, sacrifice and hard work. Now that we got that plan – lets make it happen!