Client Success Story

on 26.04.2012 / by Inez / Comments Off on Client Success Story in From Inez

We love bringing Fit Nation the transformative journies of some of our clients! This month we highlight Michelle Andrada who Inez trained in anticipation for her first bikini competition. Here is what Michelle had to say about her time working with Fit-Nez!

My experience with Inez as my coach was truly an unforgettable one. She prepped me for my first bikini competition. As an average gym goer the program she put together for me really taught me the difference between exercise and training. She constantly motivated me and was always there for any type of question. It’s more than just training. She truly is a life coach. She really takes time to understand your lifestyle and customizes your nutrition and exercise plan based on that. I now have a better understanding on how to live a healthier and happier life. She strengthened my body and my mind and my heart. It was truly a path towards developing myself into a better person. Towards realizing how strong you really are. She pulls that out of you. There is nothing better than that. And I have Inez to thank.

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