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90% of my clients are females and one of the most common questions/concerns I get is how to deal with mother nature’s visit each month (women’s cycle).

Unfortunately, the one bad thing about being a woman is PMS. There are many ways you can combat it:

1. Exercise: by exercising your release chemicals called endorphins which help to enhance your mental state to a more positive mood.

2. Eat: this is the time of the month when the body goes through its own rejuvenation, make sure you are supplying your body with fuel to go through the process easier. Eat 2-3 hrs to keep that engine going smoothly!

3. Craving: your body will crave certain foods, chocolate being one of them. Here are some healthy alternatives to help you get through that challenging time: sugar-free choc pudding, sugar-free jello ( I know its not chocolate but it will do), chocolate rice cake, green tea and/or a 6 small pieces of dark chocolate.

4. Preparation: By now we all know how we feel every month when mother nature comes for a visit, plan accordingly. Have food available and even events scheduled to keep your mind off of “it”.

5. Attitude: “the only difference between a good day and bad day is your attitude” stay positive and the rest should fall in place.

I hope this helps!

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