Diet Saboteurs: Bye Felicia!

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Diet Saboteurs: Bye Felicia!

You start to eat healthier, exercise, skip happy hour… and finally start to take care of your body…but when you see your friends and family they pop your bubble by saying….

“You are looking too skinny”, “Why are you working out?

“Aren’t you happy with they way you look?

When you’re trying to get fit or lose weight, often your friends and loved ones become the greatest obstacle.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen my clients get discourage or even “fall off the wagon” because of this diet trap.

Here’s the real truth and some statics to help you deal with these Diet Saboteurs.

People who are themselves overweight (two-thirds of Americans) feel threatened.

The first step in dealing with diet sabotages, is to recognize it.

Most people struggle with weight issues so if I am fat and you go on a diet, you put me in the uncomfortable position of feeling bad about my own weight; deciding to do something about it, which I may not be ready to do; or trying to talk you out of what you are doing.

Co-workers, tend to be competitive. If you are succeeding at something, even losing weight, it makes them look less successful.

But why would people act this way?

The problem usually starts because you’re in CHANGE MODE (and pretty happy to be there), but your friends and family aren’t.

They feel guilty. Your success pricks their conscience, since they may think they should be pursuing fitness and weight loss too. But for many, teasing you back to normal with “you’re doing so well; a little won’t hurt” sabotage is often easier.

And if it starts an eating frenzy that ends in weight gain, sadly, that’s secretly okay with friends like these. You’ve proven once again that weight loss is impossible; now they can relax and not try.

They don’t understand. Other folks (often family) who’ve never had a weight problem can’t understand why you don’t go back to eating normally now that you’ve lost that weight. And besides, they’ve suffered enough with all the changes around the house, and they want this to be over.

They miss the old you. Or more specifically, the food experiences you once shared. Food is often how we express love. Baking cookies for your kids (and of course eating some together). Or going to happy hour with coworkers.

How do you politely say “back off” to those you love?

My best recommendation is to explain to people your real reasons behind your embracing a healthier way of life. “I want to look in the mirror and be happy with what I look like.” “I want to dress myself when I’m 90.” ” I want to play with my kids without getting winded.”

Whatever your goals or reasons are, educate people that the changes I’m making are only to eat healthier, exercise more and more importunately lead a healthy lifestyle. If they aren’t on board with you striving to be happier and healthy, well… BYE Felicia.

Know one knows your struggle or your journey better than you …so don’t let that coworker, boyfriend, college friend….tell you what YOU should be doing or how you should be living your life.

Easier said than done…right? NO, try it…see how they respond, you might be surprised how many people might just start to support you and join the health movement.