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To all the athletes who are suffering from post-competition blues: DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP.

You have contest diet and trained for the last 12 weeks – which means you can allow for more relax #cleaneating.

While I don’t promote binging, I do encourage enjoying some well deserved free meals.

To help offset the guilt, bloat and mental struggle here are some successful strategies:

1. Channel Your Energy: Now that you have taken in some extra calories time to get after some tougher #workouts. Focus on improving your developmental areas or maybe try or workout or a class you been wanting to take.
2. Mind Change: Its very important to understand that you will not be able to maintain #contest look year round. It is unhealthy and your physique needs improvement. Understand, the way you treat your body after a show (offseason) will determine how much you improve your physique and fitness for your next goal.
3. Planning Is Key! – plan a couple free meals – for example, reward lunch with your coach, Date-night with boyfriend, family brunch, etc.

Be proud of all your hard work and find the balance in being a fitness athlete and human being. Stay Hungry. Stay Humble!

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