Fit-Nez Newest Testimonial: “Fit to Call Myself a Trainer?!

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“Fit to Call Myself a Trainer?!

I’m 42, and for years I have been struggling with losing about10 lbs.  I’d lose it, and it would come back again and again and again.  I decided to become a personal trainer as a part time job. I’m at the gym all the time, so I figured this would give me the extra motivation to lose the extra weight.

Well, I started the year with the Medifast diet, then insanity, then a raw food diet…..nothing changed.   Frustrated beyond belief, I was considering getting the extra weight surgically removed!

Then someone suggested contacting Inez Sobczak in Arlington.  I had nothing to lose (except my extra 10 lbs!!), so I saw her.  In less than 5 months I lost the 10 lbs – and it’s staying off.   Now she is helping me get a little tighter and defined.

What amazes me is the little things make all the difference.  Sleep more, eat more (of the right stuff), pack a lunch when on the road etc.  You know, once you create healthy habits it’s actually easy.  We work mostly on-line.  She customizes my workout and meal plan based on my lifestyle and goals.

I highly recommend working with Inez.  She knows what she is talking about.  She customizes how she works with people based on their lifestyle and goals.  She trains efficiently on-line as well as in person and is super responsive to any question I have at any time!  Thank You Inez!

The NOW Fit Trainer!