Fit-Nez Tips on How To Stay Motivated!

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Any time you try to change something in your life, you have to learn new information and figure out new ways of doing things.

If you want to change your results, you need to change your behaviors. If you want to feel healthier or lose weight, you have to recognize that it’s going to involve some change.

It can be overwhelming to try to figure everything out at once. So don’t. Take it one step at a time.

Here are some Fit-Nez tips to get you in the right frame of mind.

1. Find More Than One Motivation:  The best way to keep yourself going over the weeks and months is to find a lot of different reasons that motivate you to stick with eating healthy and working out.

Here are some great examples:

  • Feeling energized

  • Jumping out of bed in the morning rather than hitting snooze

  • Being at my ideal weight

  • Not having a bloated stomach

  • Enjoying a meal without painful indigestion afterwards

  • Having clear, bright skin

Figure out what benefits you get from eating healthy foods and make your own list. That way you will have more than just a vague notion of ‘trying to be healthy’ to keep you on track.

2. Go Slow:  To switch suddenly to a strict healthy diet, especially one that’s totally clean, can be a shock. You might have to figure out how to cook new foods, how to make them taste good, how to put meals together, and even how to grocery shop.

It can also be hard for your body physically — it has to figure out how to digest new foods, and overcome addictions.

Now don’t worry, the meal plan I’ve put together is designed to help you through all of that. But make sure you give yourself permission to not have it all mastered right away.

You can take your time to learn this stuff. There’s no deadline. If you give yourself some time to switch over gradually, you’ll likely have more success.

It’s not important how fast you can make changes. It’s so much more important that you just start, and that you stick with this for the long term.

3. Find Healthy Treats:  A lot of people feel lost when they first shift to a clean eating meal plan, because they don’t know how to fill the void left by all their favorite treats and comfort foods.

But there are healthy options for most of these things – Stay tuned for Fit-Nez recipes!

4. Keep It Simple:  I don’t make gourmet meals every night. Actually, I never make gourmet meals.

I do sometimes make things that are more involved, and maybe take the time to present dishes more attractively, but I definitely don’t do that every day.

When I’m making food for an average weeknight, I stick with the basics — grilled chicken and salmon, steamed veggies, baked sweet potato and brown rice.  Try to find a few meals that you really enjoy, so you can make them over and over. Change up the vegetables and seasonings (no salt or sugar though) to keep it interesting.

If you make the same dishes often, you’ll get so good at them that they’ll be really easy to whip together in no time flat.

5. Don’t Feel Guilty:  Although you want to stick with a healthy diet as you work towards your long term goals, the transition can take some time and it’s important to avoid becoming obsessive.

Stress takes a toll on your health, and stressing too much about eating is self-defeating.

While it would be great if you could always eat a perfect diet and maintain a perfect exercise plan, I don’t know anyone who can do that every single day of their life.

Don’t feel guilty if you have a day that’s less than perfect, because that will only bring negative energy into your life. Also, some people tend to eat more when they feel bad about themselves.

Definitely don’t punish yourself with less food or more exercise. Instead, take each day at face value and move on, reinvigorated to maintain or possibly adjust your plan going forward.

Motivation makes things happen.   Where there’s no will, there’s no way.