“Fit to be a Model” Testimonial by Amanda H

on 19.06.2012 / by Inez / Comments Off on “Fit to be a Model” Testimonial by Amanda H in From Inez

When I first decided that I wanted to train to be a fitness bikini model, I knew I needed to find an amazing trainer to get me there. I needed someone to get me there physically, as well as mentally prepare me for the journey. I saw Inez working out at the gym and I thought “That is the woman who is going to help me reach my goal!”. Her raw energy and passion for the sport is like no other. She ignited my flame and off we went! I was fired up every time we worked out together. Every workout was a learning experience. I thought I knew how to work out before Inez… I was wrong! She taught me how to fine tune my body to get the shape I wanted. As well as contouring a meal plan specifically to what I needed. The meal plan was tough, and the workouts would bring me to the brink of puking, but I loved every moment! I had never been in that good of shape in my life. And not just my physical appearance, but I felt healthy to the core. Thanks to Inez, I took 3rd place in Provincials Bikini Tall, and I won the overall “IFM Magazine Bikini Model Search”. I’m so lucky to have met such an amazing woman, who is now one of my dearest friends. Thank you Inez!