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Food Coma: Try to bathe and feed the baby right before you leave so the baby is calm and relaxed.

Get your Pump On: If you are driving, pump as you ride. Most pumps have e car adapter – talk about multi-tasking!

Backpack Yourself: Backpack diaper bags are an absolute MUST for traveling!!! They are so much easier when you are bending over so much, going in and out of taxis, walking a lot, etc.. Keep lots of diapers, wipes, plastic bags and a change of clothes readily available. And don’t forget snack for mama to stay fueled and energized!

Fly Smart: If you are a family of 3 like me, travel with car seat, stroller, a baby carrier, 3 carry-ons and 3 personal items. Try to check into your flight 24 hours early so you can get a good boarding spot, but when you arrive at the airport you still need to go to the desk to let them know you are traveling with a child under the age of 2, present their birth certificate and they will give you a voucher for your baby which will be used as their ticket. At this point you can check any bags you need and then head to security.

VIP: Always ask a TSA worker if they have a line designated for strollers, many do and if not then 90% of the time they will let you go through TSA Pre or First Class line Also ASK FOR EXTRA SEAT: Get to the gate early and ask the agent if there is an empty seat next to you or if there is any way you can be moved next to an empty seat on the plane. 99% of the time they will if the plane is not full.

Breast milk/Formula 101: Regulations that limit the amount of liquids you can bring through do not apply to breast milk or formula. Let the TSA Agents know you have breast milk, and be careful of packing gel coolers they aren’t allowed through. A great suggestion that we were given is to pack your breast milk in frozen peas for security when you travel. Don’t let them send your breast milk through the x-ray machine.

Fitnez Hack: For formula, pre-measure powder in bottles, ask flight attendant for hot water and mix with cold filtered bottle water and voila’ warm bottle = happy baby.

NOISE CANCELING HEADPHONES: The freaking announcements on the plane are SO MOTHER FREAKING LOUD!!! So get these headphone to get your baby asleep and at peace. Also, don’t forget to “Hose the nose.” Tiny air passages and dry cabin air are not a comfortable mix. Take along some over-the-counter saltwater nasal spray for your baby. A couple times during the flight, gently spritz a spray into each nostril.