Get some rest!

on 25.03.2015 / by admin / Comments Off on Get some rest! in From Inez

Have you been sick lately or maybe recovering from an injury?

Or maybe you just completed a huge feat like a half marathon, fitness competion or a triathlon.

Now your tired, sick and run down…but…YOU don’t want to stop exercising.

Feeling fatigued and getting sick is your body’s way of telling you to slow down and get some much-needed rest.
I get it, you don’t want to lose momentum or worse yet…”get fat”.

1. You certainly will lose momentum or get FAT – if you never heal. Chronic pain is a much greater threat to your fitness than resting. And nothing will keep an overuse injury going like more use!

2. No one goes completely to pot in 3 months. Or even six. And even if you do get out shape, it’s really not that big a deal to get back into shape.

It’s also usually easy to rest/protect an injury while still maintaining some fitness by exercising in other ways. Think low impact steady rate cardio or good old fashion isolated strength training.

Bottom Line: You can’t exercise your way out of a problem like sickness or an injury.

So please listen to your body and your COACH and give your body some well needed TLC. aka. rest and recovery.