Got My Self-Confidence Back!

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This is the story of my Fit-Nez Journey.  For those of you who have yet to embark on the challenge to change your life, improve your health and make a lasting change, I encourage you to read on.

I hired Inez, owner of Fit-Nez to be my coach, trainer and nutritionist.  I was thrilled and relieved to have finally taken the first step to making a change and work towards something I truly wanted and desperately needed. Inez helped me significantly drop my body fat percentage, starting at about 30% and dropping to almost 12% in just under 6 months in order to compete in my first National Physique Committee (NPC) Figure competition. At my heaviest, I was close to 150 pounds, by the time I had to compete, I was a beautiful and lean 107 pounds and in contest-ready shape. Here’s my Fit-Nez Journey…

Within the first couple of weeks working with Inez, I immediately began to see and feel results. By following her nutrition plan that was designed specifically to meet my fitness and health goals, I was already beginning to lose inches on my hips, waist, and thighs, feeling more energetic throughout the day. Her nutrition and training plans were customized to help me reach my goals without leaving me feeling weak, tired, or deprived (until it got close to contest time and my diet became much more restrictive).

Throughout the first initial months of the program, our work focused on re-establishing consistent and healthy eating habits.  We also focused on a simple strength training and cardio routine to rid myself of excess bloat and fat.  It was easy for me to follow her nutrition plan because she allowed a number of substitutions for proteins, carbs, and fat choices that would suit my daily preferences and my hectic schedule. By following the meal plan consistently, I didn’t have to count calories (that was already done for me).

Inez is the first and only personal trainer and nutritionist that I’ve hired that truly transformed my body in a way that I have been able to maintain. Not only did she help me get back into a healthier lifestyle, she helped me get into the BEST shape of my life! She helped motivate me when I was at low point in my health and fitness life.  Inez sincerely and genuinely believed that I my goals – and I did!

Working with Inez became much more than just prepping to compete in my first NPC figure competition.  While I was excited to finally get the chance to step on stage for the first time after months and months of hard work, I was thrilled to have brought my life back on track and back to where I had once been – healthy, in shape.  The greatest gift Inez offered was not about nutrition or strength training however – it was giving me my self-confidence back.

Competing for the first time was an entirely different experience from what I had been used to and, despite not having won, I was satisfied with my performance and became even more determined to continue to train and progress for my next show. Since working with Inez, I have come to truly enjoy the process of change and transformation and have learned to never take for granted the love and support of others along the way.