Got the Sniffles?

on 06.11.2013 / by admin / Comments Off on Got the Sniffles? in From Inez, Tips

If you are like most people this time of year, you have caught some type of bug. The average American gets sick up to six times a year. Here are some helpful tips to help you get back on track, ONCE YOU ARE FEELING BETTER.

1. Get Moving: Regardless of how sick you were it will take some time to fully recover so you should ease back into things with a scaled down routine. Remember, just as the flu can stress your body, so does exercise! That means if your body is still fighting off germs do not make the battle any harder than it needs to be. Walk instead of run, use the elliptical instead of step class. Yoga instead of kickboxing. You get the idea. Another type of exercising to help speed recovery is dynamic stretching. Not only will dynamic stretching loosen you up and raise your heart rate but it will also help rid your body of any remaining toxins from its battle with what ailed you.

2. Food is Medicine: I know how it’s easy to raid the pantry or the freezer when your home from work but you must resist. This is the time when you need to fuel your body with the highest quality foods possible. I’m talking garden vegetables, especially greens, lean meats, nuts and seeds, little starch, and no sugar. Sugar has shown to suppress your immune system so avoid it like the plague when you are sick. Bottom line- If it came from a box and includes ingredients that you can’t pronounce, leave it be. Chicken soup anyone?

3. No Excuses: At some point you are going to have get back on the fitness wagon. Once your symptoms have subsided you need to have a mind-shift and summon your willpower to once again kick ass and take names.

Getting sick is a part of life and often times out of your control. Just remember that how you handle the recovery process is completely up to you!