Healthy Holiday Shopping Tips

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As we approach the last weekend to get your Holiday shopping done, make sure to follow these easy Healthy Holiday Shopping Tips:

1. Eat for Energy: Skip sugary buns, muffins, pretzels and cookies that’ll give you a rush & then cause you to crash. Instead go for foods with a mix of complex carbs and lean protein & a bit of healthy fat. Think turkey/lettuce whole grain wrap, mix greens salad with salmon and avocado, mix nuts with a piece of fruit, protein shake with natural nut butter.

2. Check the nutritional information: Most restaurants post calories on the menu itself or on their website. Choose items in the 300-500 calories for main meals & 100-250 for snacks.

3. Treat yourself with food, not drinks: Liquid calories go down easy, but they aren’t as satisfying as solid food calories, so you may be hungry again soon. If you really do have a craving for a holiday drink, try ordering a skinny version of a peppermint mocha at Starbucks (less than 170 calories).

4. Don’t Fall Into the “I deserve this treat” Trap: Yes, walking around mall burns calories, but 150 at most. Reality Check: You’ll have to walk for 6 hrs to burn off a Cinnabon.

5. Keep emergency food handy: Packing healthy snacks will help you fight hunger and temptation. Take along some mix nuts, a piece of fruit, small protein bar etc. Look for snack less than 150 calories and less than 8g of sugars.

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