it’s here

on 25.06.2009 / by admin / Comments Off on it’s here in From Inez

Hi Friends,

I’ll keep this short and sweet…THANK YOU!

Your support has been tremendous. I appreciate all the donations, prayers, encouraging thoughts and words…

I am blessed that I am walking into this competition Saturday with all your love and support.

Please know that I understand if you can’t be there…all that I ask is that you say a prayer for me…so that hopefully, I don’t fall off the stage – I’ll be wearing 5′ heels. lol.

All jokes asides, your support has gotten me through these 12 weeks of intense dieting and training and I give you my word: I will make your proud.

Those girls better bring it…over and out!

In Health and Fitness,

P.S. here is the link to the info for the show: