Mr. Know It All: Fitnez Testimony

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Mr. Know It All: Fitnez Testimony

Prior to working with Inez I thought I had the whole “workout” deal figured out. Being a former college athlete I didn’t think there was anything some trainer/nutritionist was going to tell me that I didn’t already know. I had a beer belly and some love handles but kept convincing myself I could lose it when I felt like taking it serious. It turned out that even when I did try and take it serious I got bored with the workouts and would eat what I thought was healthy during the week thinking that would make up for raging on the weekends.

After a trip to Brazil I came back and decided I would give Fitnez a try and it’s a decision I wouldn’t regret. The program is custom so it fits my goals and Inez takes the time to make the program fit your schedule.

No excuses and no bullshit if you stick to the program you see results.

After 3-4 weeks I didn’t see a difference and I was ready to throw in the towel and try something else but having a coach there to push you along is a huge difference maker. I stuck it out and after the first 12 week program I lost 30 lbs. and 17% body fat.

The great thing is you can continue to change your program based on what your goals are. There is nothing better than being accountable and Inez does a great job pushing you in the right direction. This is the most fun I have had in the gym since college and I will continue to be a client with Fitnez for life. – Josh Z.