my constant

on 23.06.2009 / by admin / Comments Off on my constant in From Inez

As I was doing my AM cardio this morning, I was thinking how training has gotten me through some tough times in my life…and I am only 25.

Regardless, what was happening, training has always remained a constant in my life.

Most recently, it helped me get through some particularly difficult times;

it helped me get through being laid off at a company I was at for three years…

it helped me get through relocation due to financial hardships.

it helped me get over a serious break-up…

it helped me get through family issues….

All in all, when everything in my world had seemed to fall apart…training was always right there waiting for me.

It has been my stress reliever as long as I could remember, from playing soccer as a kid…to taking aerobic classes in High School, to teaching a zillion aerobic classes in College, to this very moment, where I am competing in a National-Qualifier Fitness/Figure Competition…my peak!

So thank you training for always being there for me…for making me realize my potential…for being a positive outlet…for being my source of income when things were hard…for being the avenue that allowed me to inspire and motivate people…for now being what I have realized is my passion.

This is to you! my constant