No Equipment? No Problem!

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Bodyweight training is actually one of the most effective workouts you can do!  Bodyweight training is convenient because you don’t need to go anywhere to get results. One of the best benefits of bodyweight training is the ability to do it anywhere.  One of the most popular excuses for not exercising is that there is “no time”. Bodyweight training erases that excuse. It can be done in your front yard, a hotel room, a living room or a bedroom.


  • Bodyweight training is an easy way to increase strength. Building strength is simply muscles contracting when resistance is applied. Adding more resistance over time leads to increased strength. Push-ups, sit ups, lunges, and leg squats are some of the many bodyweight exercises that can increase strength.

4 Round of 4 Different Exercises

30 plie squats   

20 pistol squats (one legged squat)  (10 on each leg)

10 walk outs

5 military push ups

1 jogging lap