One month out….what am I am doing again?

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As I stand, I am one month away from competing in my first National Figure Competition. During this time, I like to reflect on what am I doing? and why am I doing this again?

All jokes aside, in my next two blogs, I will re-explain what a figure competition is, what NPC is and why I decided to compete in the first place.

Let’s dive into the heart of the matter: What is a Figure Competition?

The Figure competition is a newer sub-category of Fitness contests but without the fitness routine. Each figure competitor is judged on muscular symmetry and tone.

A typical figure competition includes two rounds, though this varies by organization.

In the symmetry round, the competitors appear on stage in high-heeled shoes and a two-piece posing suit, in a side-by-side line that faces the judges. They execute a series of quarter-turns to the right, allowing the judges to view and compare them from all sides for symmetry, presentation, and other aesthetic qualities such as skin tone, hair, make-up, and stylishness of clothing.

In the next round (the group comparisons), competitors return in high heels and a two-piece posing suit, executing a series of quarter-turns. At this stage, they are judged more critically against the others for conditioning, leanness, and how “feminine” and “athletic” (as opposed to brawny) their muscularity is.

Included in either of these rounds, or perhaps just the evening show, the competitors come out individually on stage for a model walk where they are judged on presentation, gracefulness, confidence, poise, and professionalism.

The two most prestigious professional figure contests are the Figure Olympia and the Figure International in the IFBB arena. The 2003 Figure International was the first professional (i.e., IFBB-sanctioned) figure contest. The first NPC Figure Nationals was held in 2001. TO compete in either shows, you must first turn pro from the NPC league.

At the end of the day the focus for figure competitions is on health and fitness and is intended to provide an alternative for athletic women who train but do not wish to gain muscle size or any of the requirements for necessary for body building competitions.

This last guideline (previous paragraph) from NPC ruling criteria is the reason why I compete. I have always had a passion for fitness and health and similar to the analogy with in sales, metrics never lie, in fitness and health, your body composition and symmetry never lie.

I train hard to compete for 30 secs on stage to demonstrate the ultimate fitness level that is not judged by who won the race or who scored the last shot but who under the bright lights worked the hardest to bring the best physique to the stage. This ultimate level of fitness is judged by accredited people who respect and reward dedication, commitment and athleticism.

This is why I compete in figure competitions but more importantly why I have chosen to compete in the NPC,the most well respected league in the sport.