Say NO to SORE

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What can I do to help prevent soreness post run/workout?

1.  Water, water, water! Drink plenty of water.

2.  Take GLUTAMINE  & BCAA, before each workout & before you go to bed. It will bulletproof your immune system & aid in muscle recovery.

If you are wondering if its safe for you… it is!  When you workout you deplete the aminos your body makes, glutamine and BCAA.   For optimal recovery & performance, you need to replace the aminos lost.  Hence, taking a supplement that contains glutamine and bcaa is replacing what was lost and aiding in not only muscle recovery but improving your immunity.

3.  Get your zzzzz’s. SLEEP! Your  body needs to recover and repair from all that hard work you have been doing. Get at least 6-8 hours of sleep at night.  GO TO BED.

Here is your checklist to make sure you have a safe & effective workout:

1. get at-least 6-8 hours of rest the night before.
2. have a healthy pre-workout meal at least 30-mins prior to your workout. (ex. 2 eggs with oatmeal, handful almonds
and 1/2 apple,  a half of grapefurit and a protein shake, etc).
3. hydrate before, during and after the workout.  A muscle gets tired FIRST by lack of oxygen and hydration.
4. warm up 5-10 mins PRIOR to the workout…that doesn’t include running into the gym or changing your clothes.
5. If you have any injuries or restrictions please choose the right modification for your fitness journey.  If you don’t know what that is ask a personal trainer…hint….ME.

Happy Training!