Shoulders Boulders

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Sculpted shoulders are often one of the most sought-after looks. Great shoulders can make or break a sleeveless shirt, dress or even bathing suit.

In order to achieve great success when trying to sculpt your shoulders, be sure to perform exercises that are designed to work the 3 heads of  this muscle group. In addition, eating healthy and drinking plenty of water is very important to your success.

Here is a quick and effective workout incorporating the  “drop set” principal to really tax and grow those shoulders.  Additionally, to help get your heart rate up and burn calories I have thrown in a superset core exercise.

I did this workout yesterday and it rocked my shoulders!  Try it & let me know what you think!

Drop Set Shoulders Workout:  3 sets of 10 heavy/10 light

1.  Shoulder Press  (goal post with arms)
30sec Mountain climbers w twist

2.  Lateral raises (arm straight, slight bend at the elbow)
30sec Walks outs

3.  Upright Rows or Rear Delt Flies

30secs of Plans/with alt shoulder taps