Shredding for the Wedding: Fitnez Transformation!

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“Before I met Inez, I would consider myself skinny fat. I would eat whatever I wanted and would just “run it off”, but never seemed to get the “carved, toned muscles” that I wanted. The more I ran, the more I kept my shape. Skinny, but not toned.

One of my girlfriends trained with Inez and told me that Inez would get me into the shape that I wanted. She would carve out those muscles I was looking for and start me on a meal plan that would get me into a healthy regimen.

Two months before my wedding, I thought to myself, your work outs are not cutting it, lets try and get into the best shape I can before my wedding and that is when I contacted Inez. Inez said to me it usually takes 3 months to see results, but if you are willing to work hard and stick with a strict meal plan, I think you can do it.

For the first two weeks, I hated the meal plan, hated the work outs, but knew it was getting me somewhere. I saw muscles I haven’t had since high school sports and I was dropping the fat, but gaining muscle. I looked good, but felt even better.

I was hooked. Now it has been almost a year since I started training and eating right with Inez. She has taught me that getting fit is a lifestyle change, not a crash course on dieting. Of course I have had my set backs, but she always gets me right back on track.

I can call or text her any time of the day with my wins, goals, set backs, or requests for a little pick me up/motivation. She is always a positive motivator and will coach you to success.” Shannon

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