Sunday Funday

on 14.06.2009 / by admin / Comments Off on Sunday Funday in From Inez

7:08am; I wake up to a text message from my coach, Jason Fuller, saying “Tear it up, Control the stage. Under 2 weeks!”

This will be the text that will get my through what I like to call “Sunday Funday”…

Today, I will have to do 3 workouts:

AM Cardio – run for 45 mins run at 6.5 mph
Noon Sprint – 30 mins/30 yds up and back/30sec recovery
PM Cardio – Intervals 40 mins.

Eat 6 meals of lean protein (eggs and tiliapia) and complex carbs (broc and oatmeal)

I will have to consume 2 gallons of water.


and most of all NOT CHEAT (THE HARDEST PART).

it’s a beautiful Spring day and there are many temptations – ice cream, brunch etc.

I have to remember that while most people’s Sundays are filled with brunch reservation, liquid lunches, bar-b-ques, ball park dogs…mine is another story.

Mine is filled with all-out training, tough dieting and extreme focus…but like my coach would say; that’S what it takes to be a CHAMPION and an XTREMELY FIT ATHLETE!