Thank you!

on 29.10.2012 / by admin / Comments Off on Thank you! in From Inez

What an amazing weekend for Fit-Nez! I am happy to report that at the 2012 NPC Shawn Ray Fitness Competition this past Saturday,1st time bikini competitor, Nadia Kvk wins her class & takes overall! And yours truly wins her class & figure overall too!

So happy and thankful! I appreciate all your love & support. Your prayers were truly felt

Many of you have asked what’s next?….
1.) EAT! – yes, I have devoured my two faves already wings & pumpkin pie 🙂
2.) ENJOY THE HOLIDAY- much needed time to spend time with friends and family as we approach the Holiday season

3.) CAREER – continue to inspire & spread the gospel of fitness through Fit-Nez service offerings: personal training, bootcamps, meal programming, wellness events & group fitness.

4.) TRAIN – continue to train…FITNESS is a lifestyle, so I will continue to eat clean & train hard…you never know what’s right AROUND the corner.