The Fitness Warrior Who Helped Us Survive The Mud: Client Testimonial

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The Fitness Warrior Who Helped Us Survive The Mud:  Client Testimonial

As an active and competitive person who runs a non-profit organization, I was excited when approached with the idea to create a fundraiser through Tough Mudder because I personally enjoyed running the Tough Mudder earlier this year. Because I would need the support of an excellent and skilled trainer to train our large group of 30 + racers who would be coming from all different fitness levels, I sought out several trainers for this position.  I wanted to work with someone who understood how to motivate people from all different fitness levels; had experience in developing an entire fitness regimen that included healthy habits and a food plan; and someone who practiced what he/she preached.  I found all this and more in Inez Sobczak – owner of Fit-Nez ( ).

From the moment you meet Inez, you are immediately inspired and fired up to work with her.  Inez is genuine, honest, charismatic, and motivational – the perfect combination to make a truly effective trainer.  From the start of training, she was extremely professional and her experience in working as a trainer was very obvious by the wealth of knowledge she had as well as how she trained our group.  Even though our group was made up of people of all different fitness levels, she was able to push all of us, including me to be our best and to train effectively for the race.  Not only does she know how to adapt exercises for each person’s fitness level, Inez knew how to motivate each of us to work harder and push ourselves even when we didn’t feel 100%.

As someone who works with people on a daily basis to help them realize their potential, build up their self-esteem, and help them become independent to leave their abusers, I understand how difficult it often is to support people in their journey to make life changes as negative habits and thinking can take years to change permanently.  Inez is able to do this – she leads by example and knows how to motivate people in a way that is both empowering and inspiring.  She knows how to encourage you to work for it, to not only make goals but to visualize and do what is needed to reach your goals.  I believe that she was truly instrumental in our group’s success in training and being prepared to run the Tough Mudder as a team.

Becky’s Fund’s goal is to ultimately help assist those affected by domestic violence while preventing dating violence among our youth.  In the same way, Fit-Nez supports those who want to become stronger, healthier and improve their lifestyle.  Thus, I believe any person, organization, nonprofit, etc. could greatly benefit from working with Fit-Nez to help themselves or their own clients in improving their lifestyle and becoming more fit, healthy and happy overall.  Seeing what she did with our organization, I would highly recommend nonprofits to collaborate with a company such as Fit-Nez if they are looking for an effective, goal-oriented trainer who can help a broad base of clients who all want the same thing – to achieve fitness goals in a timely and healthy manner while finding balance both mentally and physically.

Becky Lee, JD

Founder/Executive Director of Becky’s Fund