Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling

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Here are some of my best tips for staying healthy while traveling!

1. For road warriors who want to stay fit and healthy, I recommend you take your “eating in” mentality wherever you go.

2. When you are home, do you begin meals with an appetizer, cream soup or bread with butter? Then why do it at a restaurant?

3. Most of us wouldn’t use a deep fryer at home (and probably don’t know how to either)… so why eat deep fried food out?

4. If you wouldn’t smother vegetables with gravy, cream sauce or butter at home then ask the chef to not do it either. You know, “Please 86 the butter on the _______. Thank you.”

5. You wouldn’t order dessert at home… so why do we feel like we have to order it while dining out?

6. You watch your portion sizes at home so the same applies to dining out. Split the entree with a friend. You will be happier in the long

7. Always… “Think first, order second.” The other way around usually costs us.