Tough Mudder Recovery

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Now that you have washed the mud off your body, started feeling your finger again and had your victory finish line Tough Tough Mudder Dos Equis…Its time to talk #recovery.

1. Rest is key. Don’t rush back into working out. Our bodies need rest to recover. For a few days, just do light workouts, such as a walking on a treadmill, spin on a bike or an easy jog.

2. Water that Flower. You have probably already experience the dry cotton mouth feeling. Make sure to drink atleast half your body weight in ounce each day to replenish water and to help with muscle recovery.

3. Ice it. If you feel aches and pain ice the area and elevate it. For example. I iced my knees last night while propping them up on a pillow to keep them elevated. For bruising rub ARNICA (a cream found at whole foods and CVS) – it will will not only help drastically with bruising it will also help with swelling.

4. Rub One Out. Schedule a sports massage this week to help release the stress that the body has occured. If you can’t afford a massage, hit the foam roller (HARD). I suggest Jorge Jorge Obando– he’s great and local!

5. Fuel up. You spent all day scaling walls, jumping in ice baths and lets not forget running 10 miles of hills and mud – your body needs fuel. Load up on #cleaneating staples: eggs, oatmeal, chicken, veggies, whey protein, and sweet potatoes. Resist the urge to just pig out – you don’t want a tummy ache on top of soreness.


Fired up!