Weekend Warrior!

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We know you’ve got your week down to a science – but weekends and special events can throw a big wrench into your diet! These scenarios  are tough but here are some helpful tips to stay
on track with your meal plan.

Remember if you really want to look and feel better and get control of your eating you will do whatever it takes. The key is to be prepared.  Know what you are going to eat every day and plan accordingly.
1.Prep all food in advance.  For examples, I broil a big pan of
chicken  (and other protein) and veggies.  After its finished, I place
individual servings into containers with seasonings like No Salt Mrs.
Dash and or Cayanne Pepper. (NO SALT).
2.Pack food cooler every day…weekends included.  It will make the difference.
3.Use Food Scale – its the only to know exactly how many calories you
are consuming
4.Drink atleast 1 gallon of water each day.  Its a healthy way to help
control hunger pains.
5.If you must dine out, order your same clean food staples with NO

The journey to being healthy and fit isn’t easy, but its worth it. The feeling of meeting your daily goals, each and every day, is very powerful.  Sometime it’s the structure and accomplishment you need when other areas of your life might be lacking.  Try to lay down every night, proud of what you have accomplished.  Set small goals, take it one day at a time and be an example to those around you.

As a fitness competitor, I know that competitions aren’t for everyone, but feeling good in your own skin is, and a that’s trophy in itself!