“What can be done at anytime is never done at all.”- English Proverb

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“What can be done at anytime is never done at all.”- English Proverb

So right now, right here, it’s time.  Get your mojo going.

Here is a chance to move up a notch or two, no matter where you presently are in your fitness and workout goals.  Again, no matter where you are in your training, Fit-Nez will work with you to establish (or reestablish) your fitness goals and help you reach those goals in your predetermined time frame.

What’s that you say?  “Maybe later I’ll do it.”  Later never arrives, and in the meantime are you getting in shape or out of shape?

Are you in a workout rut?  Contact Fit-Nez and let’s set something up to get you revved up.  Matter of fact, how about getting ready for a 1/2 Marathon?  (again, Fitnez will work with you no matter your fitness goals)

1/2 Marathon/Marathon Training Programs include the following:

  • Initial phone consultation.
  • Personalized workout programs including a strength training program to avoid common marathon training injuries.
  • Meal and fueling program to help improve performance and achieve fitness goals.
  • Changes to workout and meal programs throughout the designated time frame.

Here Are Some Fit-Nez Helpful Tip to Get you Started to Run Your First 1/2 Marathon!

  • Chat It Up!  You should be able to breathe very easily and carry on a conversation during your runs. Don’t worry about your pace per mile – if you can pass the “talk test”, you’re moving at the right speed.
  • Don’t Need To Run A 1/2 Marathon To Run A 1/2 Marathon:  To be physically prepared for the race, you don’t have to run 13.1 miles before race day. If you can run or run/walk 10 miles, you should be able to safely and comfortably complete a half marathon. 
  • If It Was Easy… As you’re doing your runs, remind yourself that it’s not easy to train for a long-distance event. If it were, everyone would do it, right? Remind yourself that you’re taking on a challenge and the difficulties you face will make your accomplishment all the more worthwhile in the end AND doing it all for a good cause.
  • Don’t Pig Out:  You’ll definitely burn a lot of calories during your half marathon training, but that doesn’t give you license to eat and drink anything you want.  If you’re trying to lose weight (or maintain your current weight), try keeping track of your exercise, food, and beverages in a journal — you’ll get a more accurate picture of how many calories you’re actually burning and taking in. And tracking everything will make you think twice before eating junk.
  • “Nothing New on Race Day” Should be a mantra to anyone who’s training for a half marathon: It’s better to stick with your tried-and-true favorites that you know are comfortable.

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