What do I do to stick to my meal plan when I have to travel?

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Q: What do I do to stick to my meal plan when I have to travel?
A: The short answer is you continue to follow your meal plan as prescribed – the goal is to retrain your brain that wherever you are you can always make healthier choices in pursuing a clean eating lifestyle. So nothing really changes beside planning a little more in advance.

If you want it bad enough, it’s easy.

Traveling can make pose special challenges to healthy eaters. Eating at restaurants can make it hard stick with your clean eating plan. Depending on when and where you’re traveling, you may face challenges like these:

Being tempted by the hotel vending machine
Changing your eating times or schedule
Eating out often if staying in a hotel
Having difficulty fitting in regular exercise
Having to eat on the road or in the car
Needing to find healthy meals and snacks at the airport

It’s so easy to get off track when you’re up against these challenges, but if you plan ahead and prepare yourself before you leave, you can easily stay the course and prevent slip-ups. Here are some ways to prepare:

1. Pack food and vitamins. If you’re going on a road trip, purchase a small cooler or an insulated lunch bag and fill it with clean eating essentials, such as raw veggies, fresh fruit, unsalted nuts, protein powder, protein bars under 6g of sugar and so on. This way, when you’re hungry, you have a healthy option on hand. Also, make sure to pack your vitamins and supplements in a pill container or ziplock bag to make sure you are bulletproofing your immune while you are traveling.

2. Call ahead to request a mini fridge/microwave in your room. When you arrive at the hotel, you can then fill the fridge with clean eating snack and meal options. If you’re driving to the hotel, you can purchase these foods in advance and travel with them in the cooler. If you’re flying, ask the hotel where the nearest grocery store is so you can stock up upon arrival.

3. Before leaving, look up potential restaurants you may want to visit on your trip. Pull up their menus online to identify some clean eating options you can select when eating out. To identify restaurants in the area where you’ll be traveling, use the online Yellow Pages for that city.

4. Stick with an eating schedule. It’s easy to get sidetracked and forget to eat while traveling or even on vacation, but doing so can lead to excessive hunger and cravings later on. Have a small meal or snack every three to four hours to prevent excessive hunger and keep your metabolism revved up.

5. Don’t forget exercise. If you’re staying in a hotel, try to book one that has a gym or workout room. If you can’t, plan in advance where you can fit in a walk in the area you’re traveling. Or you may be able to do your belly fat diet workout in your hotel room. Resistance bands are small and easy to pack for a great strength workout.

Fit-Nez Reality Bite: You didn’t gain weight overnight. A slip-up or occasional treat won’t put the weight back on overnight either. What can put the weight back on quickly is being so rigid that you burn out and go back to old habits for weeks or months.

Fit-Nez Portable Protein Sources
Unsalted Nuts
Protein Powder
Cans/Pouches of meat/fish (chicken, tuna, sardines, salmon, mackerel, etc)
Beef/Bison/Turkey Jerky (stick to low sodium, natural options)
Hard Boiled Eggs
Cottage Cheese
Greek Yogurt

Fit-Nez Portable Carb Sources
Fruit (Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Grapefruit, Blueberries)
Vegetables (carrots, celery)
Rice Cakes
Kind Bars (under 6g of sugar only)