What is a cheat meal?

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Q:  What is a cheat meal?
A: Eating something that wouldn’t normally be a part of your meal plan.
Once a week, plan a meal you love and crave. Eat reasonably, and don’t go back for seconds.
Think of your cheat meals as small planned breaks in your regularly scheduled diet that serve to keep you sane and happy. And since you planned for it, there’s no guilt involved.
By allowing yourself to eat the foods you love in this type of controlled fashion, the chances of short term and long term diet adherence increase significantly. And that right there is the purpose of cheat meals.
A properly done cheat meal will NOT directly hurt your diet, your body or your progress. Think about it. If you’re eating the “right” way 95% of the time, do you really think that other 5% is going to make any real direct significant difference in the grand scheme of things? Trust me, it won’t.
Two general guidelines:
Don’t go too crazy:  Yes, it’s your chance to eat something you wouldn’t normally eat. But, that doesn’t mean it’s your chance to go completely insane and try to set some kind of eating record. Some amount of sanity should still exist to some degree.
Don’t do it too often:  For most of the people, most of the time, 1 or 2 cheat meals per week is the maximum (and most others) i would recommend. #Fitnez