Why You (and your summer bikini body) Need a Trainer

on 16.05.2012 / by Inez / Comments Off on Why You (and your summer bikini body) Need a Trainer in From Inez

Have you been working out for years, trying various training
techniques and program and still cant get the results you want?!

You can take comfort in knowing you are not the only person who goes
through this.

There is a solution:  hirining a competent personal traniner!

Having a competent personal traning you can trust can make a big
difference in your progress.  Generally a personal trainerer should
serve as both an educator and motivator.  You know the proverb, Give a
man a fish and he eats for a day teach a man to fish and he can feed
himself for life

True in fitness as well!

To find the RIGHT personal traininer, start with the most basic
requirment, certifications and education.  There are many different
organization that offer certifications.  Make sure the personal
trainer you are interested in has one and it is current.

Additionally,  you wan a personal trainer who has not only a peice of
paper but  REAL life experience and application.  Personal Trainers
are able to share their experience though client
s success stories or testimonials.  The question you should be asking
yourself is:  Has this personal trainer had success with training
people who look and feel like me?

There is a perfect fit for EVERYONE but if you like the things you read on our blog – check out our website as well for more information on certifications, types of training, and programs Fit-Nez can provide to you – then give us a call or drop us an email – your summer memories will thank you!