Tip of the Month: Goal Setting

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Tip of the Month:  Instead of setting goals that focus on achieving a certain result, like losing 30 pounds,  try setting performance related goals.  For example, “I will workout 5x this week or I will double the number of push-ups I can do this month”.

Try using this Fit-Nez Challenge Assessment as a great baseline to set new performance goals.

Fit-Nez Challenge

Station 1:  Jam Ball Slams                   x 60 secs            _______

Station 2:  Push Ups                    x 60 secs            _______

Station 3:  Jumping Ropes                  x 60 secs            _______

Station 4:  Burpees (No Push-Up)            x 60 secs            _______

Station 5:  Sit-Ups                    x 60 secs            ________

Station 6:  Toe touch                      x 60 secs

Grand Total: ____________

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