Fitnez Tips to Stay Healthy while on Vacation

on 14.06.2017 / by admin / Comments Off on Fitnez Tips to Stay Healthy while on Vacation in From Inez

This last weekend I had the opportunity to be the guest nutrition expert on Fit Life with Stacy J.

Here are my Fitnez Tips to Stay Healthy while on Vacation.

1. Always travel wearing your workout gear so there
is no excuse for you “forgetting” to pack your sneakers. Also it’s super comfy!

2. Pack healthy perishable snacks so you are armed with clean eating options. My favs are: protein powder, protein bars (I like think thin and kind bars bc of the low sugar) oatmeal packets, unsalted nuts, nut butter packets and tuna pouches.

3. Kick off the day with an energizing workout all while having the rest of your day to spend with friends and family. Try a Tabata workout, a quick and effective way to get a fat blasting, heart pumping workout in.

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