Hit the Surf: Beach Workout

on 09.07.2012 / by Inez / Comments Off on Hit the Surf: Beach Workout in From Inez

This past weekend I had the pleasure of accompanying one of my client’s families to Dewey Beach, Delaware.  While we did enjoy everything the town had to offer we also found time for some fitness in the sun!  Here is a great beach workout that’s good for all fitness levels!   Try it next time you are at the beach.

Do 4 rounds of  10 reps of each exercise below:

Begin by “hitting the surf”, which means running in the water atleast waist deep and then running out and back to the beach.  Try to run to the most level ground available.


Hit the Surf

Jump and Stick (jumping laterally and ‘sticking”  your foot, think jump and tap)

Hit the Surf

Mountain climbers

Hit the Surf


Hit the Surf


Hit the Surf

Make sure to wear sunblock, stay hydrated and HAVE FUN!


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