Transformation Tuesday: 6 week results!

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Transformation Tuesday: 6 week results!

Fitnez Client – Frank.

“Before meeting Inez, I was already in pretty good shape, however, I have always wanted to be in great shape. I would go to the gym on a regular basis, and saw little results. I realized I needed professional assistance in order to achieve my fitness goals. After careful research I came across Inez’s “Fit-Nez” program. I wanted a plan focused on strength training as well as nutrition. After my initial meeting with Inez, I was confident in her as a coach and her incredible meal plan created for me. After fully committing to her plan and incorporating strength workouts and the nutrition plan, I began seeing results. I even told Inez she has provided me with a “blueprint for success”, and now it’s up to me to be accountable for the degree of success I obtain. Temptation will always be there to deviate from your meal plan, however, I did not want to disappoint myself or Inez. 

After approaching the completion of my program, my body transformed by putting on lean muscle and dropping body fat. Inez was always available to answer questions I had. Inez’s “Fit-Nez” program is extremely effective. I would definitely recommend “Fit-Nez” to anyone that is looking to have the body they have always dreamed of having. I will always thank her for changing my old eating ways, and deciding to make a healthy lifestyle change. Lastly, Inez is a wonderful person and amazing coach.” ‪#‎absaremadeinthekitchen‬ ‪#‎transformationtuesday‬ ‪#‎fitnez‬ ‪#‎trainer‬‪#‎businessowner‬ ‪#‎nutritionist‬ ‪#‎6weeksresults‬ ‪#‎proudcoach‬

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