Fit-Nez Services

There is nothing mysterious about living a healthy lifestyle; with a plan (and a helpful push) it becomes clear and achievable. There is something truly empowering and beautiful about taking control of your life in this away. It is right inside of you if you want it. And if YOU WANT IT, Fit-Nez would be honored to assist you with your goals. Come along and let’s take the health and fitness journey together. Select a service or services that you most interest you and your needs.

Personal Training

Suffering from over-scheduled madness? Is your fitness taking a back-seat on the priority list? Are you looking for someone to hold you accountable on your quest to your fitness goals?

Fit-Nez has the solution!

After an initial consultation, Fit-Nez creates a fitness plan and will train you one-on-one at her private studio in Arlington VA.

Fit-Nez provides weekly/monthly evaluations to help keep Fit-Nez clients motivated.

Corporate Wellness

Healthier employees mean better business: less stress, more energy, and fewer sick days. More and more employers are stepping up by offering wellness programs at work and/or offering gym discounts to its employees.

Fit-Nez offers a variety of wellness services designed to help any company increase productivity while ultimately reducing health care costs.

Fit-Nez will help you identify your health and wellness concerns, and then create a specialized program to meet your needs and maximize your employee participation.

Meal Planning

After an initial consultation, Fit-Nez creates a meal plan specially tailored to her client’s needs, putting them on a path to achieve their health and fitness goals. By understanding the daily challenges her clients face-whether it’s travel, work, or family – Fit-Nez teaches clients how to make small lifestyle changes that provide long-term health benefits.