Meal Planning

Nutrition starts with understanding food’s role as fuel for your body. Fit-Nez will help you choose the right fuel for your health and fitness goals.

After an initial consultation, Fit-Nez creates a meal program specially tailored to her client’s needs, putting them on a path to achieve their health and fitness goals.

By understanding the daily challenges her clients face-whether it’s travel, work, or family – Fit-Nez teaches clients how to make small lifestyle changes that provide long-term health benefits.

Fit-Nez Meal Programs include the following:

  1. Initial phone consultation
  2. Personalized meal plan
  3. One update to meal program to address food variety/option list
  4. Information on supplements and how to incorporate them into daily routine
  5. Emails to Fit-Nez Wellness Coach  (questions, support) during the length of the program
  6. Weekly Tracking

All purchases are non-refundable.