Bikini Ready

Ana’s Testimonial: Bikini Ready

As a Certified Personal Trainer with my own business, I am very particular on working with other trainers because I expect a lot. I have always looked up to Fit-Nez as a role model. She certainly walks the walk and talks the talk. I was four weeks out from my Pittsburgh show when I reached out to her for help and at the same time still debating on competing in the Pittsburgh Pro 2011 show. I had very little time to prep for it as my schedule was overbooked with clients and teaching Boot Camp classes and very little time to focus on myself.

As soon as I emailed Fit-Nez, I immediately got a prompt response within the hour. She had a program ready for me by the end of the business day where I was able to meet with her personally to talk about my new program. Her speedy professional response is what really excited me, and I felt she could be the right trainer/coach for me. As I know what it’s like to keep clients on track to get them to their fitness goals, I needed someone to hold me accountable for this upcoming show, especially since I had very little time to prepare for it. I met with Fit-Nez twice a week for 30 minutes each session. Fit-Nez gave me a personalized cardio and strengthening program to do on my own while not training with her. Fit-Nez was great with checking in on me every day to see if I was doing ok with my diet and program design. Each time we met, I felt as if I was her only client.

She is very detailed oriented and really pushed me during our workouts. Each workout was different and fun, so as a trainer, I was able to learn a lot at the same time which was very valuable. Fit-Nez is a great trainer, and her ability to go above and beyond for me while in competition season really has me excited to work with her when I go to Nationals. I would highly recommend Fit-Nez as a trainer if you are a person looking to get not only results, but to work with a trainer who is well rounded in the nutrition and program design area.