1st Place Finishers

Nadia’s Testimonial:

I started with my competition preparations at the end of July 2012. Starting is always hard, so Fit-Nez tailored a special diet and exercise plan for me. The goal was to put some muscle on certain places and to create tone, yet still maintain a curvy figure as a bikini requires.

I saw my body changing after 2 weeks. Fit-Nez was very supportive throughout and was checking on me and making sure the experience wasn’t “suffering” but something to enjoy and looking forward to the results.

Then competition day was here. It was the best experience. I ended up winning the 2012 NPC Shawn Ray on October 27, 2012 – first in my class and first place overall. It was shocking, overwhelming, just an amazing feeling for me as a first timer. Now, I do want to continue and will get ready for nationals early next year. Thank you, Fit-Nez, for all your help, support, and friendship.

Marika’s Testimonial: First Place Finish

While I have consistently maintained an active lifestyle throughout my life, I found myself in a fitness rut. I was unhappy with my appearance and didn’t have a whole lot of confidence.

That was before I was introduced to Fit-Nez. Fit-Nez laid out a detailed nutrition plan, telling me exactly what, when, and how much to eat, and matched it with a customized training program. Fit-Nez always addressed questions I had, but more importantly, Fit-Nez provided the encouragement, support and guidance I needed to compete in my first figure competition.

I placed first in my first figure competition! Fit-Nez helped me reach my goal and helped to improve my self-confidence. The experience has changed my life!