There is nothing mysterious about a healthy lifestyle. With a plan, living healthy is clear and achievable. It is truly empowering and beautiful when you take control of your life in this way.


Helping You Get Fit

Health & Fitness

By understanding daily challenges, Fit-Nez helps you achieve your health and fitness goals, and teaches you how to make small lifestyle changes with long term health benefits.

Personal Training

Fit-Nez will work with you to achieve your fitness goals through one-on-one training and you will reach those goals sooner than you thought possible.


Nutrition starts with understanding food’s role as fuel for your body. Fit-Nez will help you choose the right fuel for your health and fitness goals.

Success Stories

Fit to Call Myself a Trainer

I’m 42, and for years I have been struggling with losing about10 lbs. I’d lose it, and it would come back again and again and again. I decided to become a personal trainer as a part time job. I’m at the gym all the time, so I figured this would give me the extra motivation to lose the extra weight. Well, I started the year with Medifast®, then Insanity®, then a raw food diet and nothing changed. Frustrated beyond belief, I was considering getting the extra weight surgically removed! Then a friend suggested contacting Fit-Nez. I had nothing to lose (except my extra 10 lbs.) In less than 5 months I lost the 10 lbs – and it’s staying off. Now Fit-Nez is helping me get a little tighter and defined. What amazes me is the little things make all the difference. Sleep more, eat more (of the right stuff), pack a lunch when on the road. You know, once you create healthy habits it’s actually easy. We work mostly on-line. I highly recommend working with Fit-Nez. She knows what she is talking about. She customizes how she works with people based on their lifestyle and goals. Fit-Nez trains efficiently on-line as well as in person and is super responsive to any question I have at any time! Thank You Fit-Nez!

“The Fit Trainer!”

The Fit Trainer!

Fit to be a Mom and Fabulous!

I’ve been working with Fit-Nez for four months and my results are incredible! As a 42 year old busy mom of two daughters, I feel like I am in the best shape of my life thanks to Fit-Nez. I have never felt stronger, healthier, or more vibrant! Fit-Nez is fanatical about cleaning eating and her passion for exercise and a healthy lifestyle is contagious and inspiring. Fit-Nez workouts are outstanding - each one different than the next. Fit-Nez is no-nonsense in her approach to workouts as she makes it her life’s work to help people improve their strength, discipline, eating habits, and technique. They place a high value on correct form with each exercise to maximize your results. In my first 30 days of working with Fit-Nez, while on a Fit-Nez prescribed meal plan, I lost nearly 10% of my body fat, 6 pounds, 1 inch at my hips, 3 inches at my waist, and 2.5 inches in my thighs. Nearly four months later, I have lost 11.5 pounds and I am the strongest and healthiest I have ever been. Fit-Nez is constantly motivating me through check-ins between workouts, notes of encouragement, and tough love when needed. If you are serious about your health and fitness, and changing your life for the better, you can make no better choice than Fit-Nez. Fired Up!


Skinny Fat to Fit Lifestyle

ElinaI have always been very active, doing everything from running to cycling to kickboxing to yoga. I definitely put in a lot of work but somehow didn’t seem to get the results I wanted. I figured someone who worked out as much as I did surely should be more toned, defined and “fit-looking.” I have always been skinny with a thin frame but after turning 25 or so, I was starting to become skinny fat. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong or how to fix it. I was eating really healthy (or so I thought) - my diet consisted mostly of fruit, oatmeal, Greek yogurt and the occasional salad from Whole Foods or Sweetgreen.

I met with Inez and told her about my dilemma, and she immediately knew what to do. We cut out all dairy and sugar (including fruit), replaced it with more substantial foods (chicken, salmon, quinoa, veggies, avocado, nuts) and she put me on a heavy weight training regimen and removed a lot of the cardio I had been doing so religiously. My new meal plan meant that I’d have to start cooking and I had never cooked in my life! And that was probably my biggest problem Never cooking meant I never got sufficient nutrition to support my goals (you really can’t live off of Greek yogurt and fruit and expect to have a strong, toned, fit body).

I have now been working with Inez since February and it’s amazing how far I’ve come. Not only has my body changed tremendously (hello abs), but I have changed my entire lifestyle. The meal plan and the mindset have truly become my new way of life; I live and breathe it every day - and I LOVE it!

I have overcome my extreme sugar addiction, which I didn’t even realize I had. I cook my own meals every day and I eat clean, healthy, whole foods – no salt, no sugar, no preservatives. I don’t crave bad foods anymore and if I want something sweet or something that’s not on my meal plan, I usually just make it myself. My taste buds have changed so much (I can now taste the preservatives and salt in store-bought food), which is why I prefer most meals home cooked. For example, I used to LOVE chocolate truffles but now I actually prefer my own homemade ones (containing only organic cacao powder, almond butter, protein powder, agave, vanilla extract and cinnamon)!

For me, working with Inez was the best gift I could have ever given myself. I’m not going to lie, it is really hard work - there has been blood, sweat and the occasional tear! But at the end of the day, it’s an investment in me and it has made me a much happier, healthier and fitter person.

Change is always challenging, even when it’s for the better!


Bikini Ready

Ana Bikini TestimonialAs a Certified Personal Trainer with my own business, I am very particular on working with other trainers because I expect a lot. I have always looked up to Fit-Nez as a role model. She certainly walks the walk and talks the talk. I was four weeks out from my Pittsburgh show when I reached out to her for help and at the same time still debating on competing in the Pittsburgh Pro 2011 show. I had very little time to prep for it as my schedule was overbooked with clients and teaching Boot Camp classes and very little time to focus on myself. As soon as I emailed Fit-Nez, I immediately got a prompt response within the hour. She had a program ready for me by the end of the business day where I was able to meet with her personally to talk about my new program. Her speedy professional response is what really excited me, and I felt she could be the right trainer/coach for me. As I know what it’s like to keep clients on track to get them to their fitness goals, I needed someone to hold me accountable for this upcoming show, especially since I had very little time to prepare for it. I met with Fit-Nez twice a week for 30 minutes each session. Fit-Nez gave me a personalized cardio and strengthening program to do on my own while not training with her. Fit-Nez was great with checking in on me every day to see if I was doing ok with my diet and program design. Each time we met, I felt as if I was her only client. She is very detailed oriented and really pushed me during our workouts. Each workout was different and fun, so as a trainer, I was able to learn a lot at the same time which was very valuable. Fit-Nez is a great trainer, and her ability to go above and beyond for me while in competition season really has me excited to work with her when I go to Nationals. I would highly recommend Fit-Nez as a trainer if you are a person looking to get not only results, but to work with a trainer who is well rounded in the nutrition and program design area.


Got Her Body Back

I’m a middle aged woman who has been slowing packing on the pounds for a number of years. I tried to lose weight on my own, but always seem to put back on whatever I lost. I finally decided to bite the bullet and hire a trainer. Fit-Nez has the ability to motivate me. Fit-Nez work outs are tough, but good. I always hated going to the gym, but with Fit-Nez as my coach, I actually looked forward to my visits. I hated to miss. Fit-Nez gave me on customized nutrition program and had me train with her at least twice a week. I lost 20 pounds in 3 months. I’m still working with her and plan to get down even more. I could have never done this without Fit-Nez, and I thank her for giving me my body back.


Bridal Beauty

Fit-Nez is by far the BEST trainer I have ever had. Fit-Nez is more than just a tough workout twice a week. Fit-Nez is a motivator, an inspiration, and a friend. I look forward to all my interactions with her. No matter what, I always feel that I have worked as hard as I can with her. It’s not just because she makes me, but because I know that in the end there will be amazing results. I am living proof already that she can help you shed inches and pounds, in addition to getting you eating healthy. Her workouts are hard, but more importantly she provides amazing nutritional help and direction. Fit-Nez has provided me with a nutritional plan that I can not only follow, but that I enjoy. The results have been amazing. In the 2 months that I have been working with her, I have gone from 29% body fat, to 18.8% body fat. That is incredible. And all along the way, I was receiving motivational emails, text messages, workout updates, and fun, healthy recipes to try. With a wedding coming up, and all that stress, it is really nice to know that someone has your health as a top priority. Fit-Nez has proven to me that she can get me where I want to be. If I just believe, I can get there with hard work and great nutrition. I have never really followed a diet or a plan before, but again she makes it easy for me. I am not going to say that I haven’t cheated before, but when I do, I feel guilty. I know that the next day Fit-Nez is going to ask me what I ate yesterday, and I can’t lie. I feel great, I look great, and I eat great, all because of Fit-Nez.


Fit to be a Bride

MichelleMy wedding was coming up and I knew I had to get myself in shape. I hadn’t worked out in a while, so just getting to gym was an accomplishment. I started working with Fit-Nez and noticed results quickly and so did my friends! Three months later, I now weigh less than what I did in high school, which I still can’t believe. Altogether, I’ve reduce my body fat, taken two inches off my chest, three inches off my waist and four inches off my hips. I feel great, have more energy and the best part – I still have a few months before the wedding. Fit-Nez is creative with work-outs, provides continuous support, and encouragement, and I know that without her, I wouldn’t have been so successful.


Fit Friday Transformation!

"My experience with Inez was truly life-changing. I first reached out to Inez after seeing a coworker's results, I knew right then and there that I needed to see what all the hype was about since her work truly spoke for itself. At this point in my life I had gotten to a point where I was just not happy with my physical appearance, as a personal stylist I pride myself in my appearance and I found myself always having to wear baggy clothes and barely wanting to be in any pictures with my friends. I had also tried pretty much every diet in the book.. Atkins, Weight Watchers, Paleo., I was even a vegan for a full year in hopes that it would do the trick!

That's when Inez came into my life, I was excited and nervous after my initial consultation... she was pretty much asking me to change my entire life - no eating out, no ordering in, no drinking, but all she asked for was for trust. I remember her looking at me and saying  "The plan doesn't fail anyone, only people fail the plan" and honestly.. that's all I needed to hear. Once I started, I found her meal plan easy to follow.. no guessing games which was really helpful. I'm not lying when I saw IMMEDIATE result... within the first 4 days i noticed my clothes fitting me better, I actually had to use the drawstring on my lululemon leggings to make them a little tighter! I loved knowing that I new exactly what to do everyday, from my workout routine to what to eat. Her workout sheets are awesome, you have so many options and they vary from easy to hard, I was now that person in the gym doing the crazy HIIT workouts. Trainers at the gym were coming up to me asking me questions about my routines... whattt???

One of the best things about Inez's plan is that she genuinely wants you to live a better and healthier life, not just lose weight for that special event or for the season. She gives you the tools that you need to not only succeed but also keep it going for the rest of your life, which is what I have been able to do. I lost 30 pounds following her program and although it was hard at times it was 100% worth it. I still stick to her plan because of how good it makes me feel. Whenever I get a compliment on how I look I make sure to bring up Inez and my journey with her up because I want everyone to know about it! She truly did change my life for the better."  Catherine



Fit to be a Model!

AmandaWhen I first decided that I wanted to train to be a fitness bikini model, I knew I needed to find an amazing trainer to get me there. I needed someone to get me there physically, as well as mentally prepare me for the journey. I saw Fit-Nez working out at the gym and I thought “That is the woman who is going to help me reach my goal!” Fit-Nez’s raw energy and passion for the sport is like no other. Fit-Nez ignited my flame and off we went! I was fired up every time we worked out together. Every workout was a learning experience. I thought I knew how to work out before Fit-Nez … I was wrong! Fit-Nez taught me how to fine tune my body to get the shape I wanted. As well as contouring a diet specifically to what I needed. I had never been in that good of shape in my life. And not just my physical appearance, but I felt healthy to the core. Thanks to Fit-Nez, I took 3rd place in Provincials Bikini Tall, and I won the overall “IFM Magazine Bikini Model Search”. I’m so lucky to have met such an amazing woman, who is now one of my dearest friends. Thank you Fit-Nez, I LOVE YOU!


From Serious Injury to Seriously Fit

BrianThroughout my whole life I have always been very active with sports and working out on a regular basis. I always wondered why I couldn't get a six pack or just get ripped muscles in general. I was a party animal and I never thought twice about what foods I was eating.

When I was 25 I dove into a swimming pool intoxicated and shattered my C1 vertebrae and was given a 10% chance to ever walk again. This really got me thinking about my life moving forward while I laid there in the hospital for weeks. After a month of learning how to walk I woke up one morning and was healed 100% and had to wear a body brace for four months. After recovering from this injury I decided it was time to get in shape so I signed up for a 110 mile bike ride without training. I completed the ride and then hired a trainer at Gold’s Gym™. He was able to get me on the right track but I still just wasn't seeing the results I wanted. I always wanted that "Magic Mike" body. A professional photographer I know recommended Inez to me since her studio was by my house. I was very hesitant because I had never trained with a woman I had only trained with the huge jacked male trainers.

After doing my research I decided to give her a try. Upon meeting her, I was very nervous and didn't know what to expect. The workouts were extremely hard and starting to kick in, but I didn't buy into the meal plan from the start. Inez was very hard on me and threatened to stop training me because I wasn't following the Fit-Nez way to success. She asked me to follow the meal plan 100% and if I didn't see results I could go back to eating whatever I wanted. Within a couple short weeks I noticed a huge difference and I was starting to see some abs. Then my arms started getting some definition. I was shocked and immediately bought into whatever Inez told me. When I started with Inez, I was a guy who wasn't comfortable in my own skin and weighed 220lbs and 24.5% body fat. In two months she helped me lose 45 pounds and 17.5% body fat. I loved myself and was so comfortable in my skin.

Not only was Inez my trainer but she was a friend. She treated me as if we had known each other for years and years. She invested a lot of time and effort into me so I knew I had to give it back to her in return. If you are just looking for a personal trainer hire someone else. But, if you are looking for someone who will be there for you when the meal plan/workouts get tough, a person to talk to about life, a friend, and most importantly an overall coach then Inez is the person for you. She will give you all the tools you need and guidance to help you achieve your goals. Fit-Nez was by far the best investment I have made and I couldn't be happier today with how I look and how healthy I am!

Thank You Fit-Nez & Don't Mess with Success


Overall Bikini Winner

Nadia Overall WinnerI started with my competition preparations at the end of July 2012. Starting is always hard, so Fit-Nez tailored a special diet and exercise plan for me. The goal was to put some muscle on certain places and to create tone, yet still maintain a curvy figure as a bikini requires. I saw my body changing after 2 weeks. Fit-Nez was very supportive throughout and was checking on me and making sure the experience wasn’t “suffering” but something to enjoy and looking forward to the results. Then competition day was here. It was the best experience. I ended up winning the 2012 NPC Shawn Ray on October 27, 2012 – first in my class and first place overall. It was shocking, overwhelming, just an amazing feeling for me as a first timer. Now, I do want to continue and will get ready for nationals early next year. Thank you, Fit-Nez, for all your help, support, and friendship.


1st Place Figure

While I have consistently maintained an active lifestyle throughout my life, I found myself in a fitness rut. I was unhappy with my appearance and didn’t have a whole lot of confidence. That was before I was introduced to Fit-Nez. Fit-Nez laid out a detailed nutrition plan, telling me exactly what, when, and how much to eat, and matched it with a customized training program. Fit-Nez always addressed questions I had, but more importantly, Fit-Nez provided the encouragement, support and guidance I needed to compete in my first figure competition. I placed first in my first figure competition! Fit-Nez helped me reach my goal and helped to improve my self-confidence. The experience has changed my life!


Fighting Genetics

Ashlee's AfterI come from a family that has a history of diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma, cataracts, high cholesterol, heart attacks, strokes, obesity, and arthritis. I have been overweight and unhealthy ALL my life. With being classified as “obese” at the age of 22 with a real health age of well over 30, I knew I needed to make a drastic change in my life. I wanted to change my life once and for all so I could break this family cycle of living that has been in my family for years. I joined a gym in March 2010 and was introduced to the idea of having a personal trainer. With working with Fit-Nez for only 4 months, I have lost over 40 pounds, 2 bra sizes, 1 cup size, and 3 pants sizes. I feel better than ever! I’m more active, have more energy and can shop in stores I never could before. I have learned not only how to eat healthier when I am at home but I make healthier choices with food when I am dining out. I have another 25 pounds to go but I am confident that with the tools Fit-Nez has given me I will get there very soon. Fit-Nez has changed my life forever and has been THE BEST motivator through the process. We make a great team and I love our relationship. Fit-Nez has saved my life! And I plan to live a longer and better one thanks to her!


Terence’s Fitnez Transformation

"I entered 2015 weighing 240 lbs with 28% body fat. I was in desperate need of a lifestyle change because I spent too many late nights the previous year using junk food as fuel to get me through grad school. 70% of people that begin fitness plans will quit and I was determined not do so, but I knew I needed help.

When Coach Inez informed me about her nutrition plan at the top of the year, I knew this was exactly what I needed. On February 1, 2015, I began working with Coach Inez and I was immediately set up for success! I went on to win the weight loss challenge at Orange Theory Fitness and on May 7, 2015 I weighed in at 192 lbs at 15% body fat.

Coach Inez's nutrition plan and workout recommendations changed my life! What more can I say!" Terence aka Hitch #transformationtuesday #fitnez #proudcoach #peakstate #raiseyourstandards #eatclean #nutrition


Terence aka Hitch

Got My Confidence Back

IMG_1206This is the story of my Fit-Nez Journey. I hired Fit-Nez to be my coach, trainer and nutritionist. I was thrilled and relieved to have finally taken the first step to making a change and work towards something I truly wanted and desperately needed. Fit-Nez helped me significantly drop my body fat percentage, starting at about 30% and dropping to almost 12% in just under 6 months in order to compete in my first National Physique Committee (NPC) Figure competition. At my heaviest, I was close to 150 pounds, by the time I had to compete, I was a beautiful and lean 107 pounds and in contest-ready shape. Within the first couple of weeks working with Fit-Nez, I immediately began to see and feel results. By following the nutrition plan that was designed specifically to meet my fitness and health goals, I was already beginning to lose inches on my hips, waist, and thighs, feeling more energetic throughout the day. The nutrition and training plans were customized to help me reach my goals without leaving me feeling weak, tired, or deprived. Throughout the first initial months of the program, our work focused on re-establishing consistent and healthy eating habits. We also focused on a simple strength training and cardio routine to rid myself of fat. It was easy for me to follow the nutrition plan because it allowed a number of substitutions for proteins, carbs, and fat choices that would suit my daily preferences and more importantly, my hectic schedule. By following the meal plan consistently, I didn’t have to count calories (that was already done for me). Fit-Nez is the first and only personal trainer and nutritionist that I’ve hired that truly transformed my body in a way that I have been able to maintain. Not only did she help me get back into a healthier lifestyle, she helped me get into the BEST shape of my life! Fit-Nez helped motivate me when I was at low point in my health and fitness life. Fit-Nez sincerely and genuinely believed that I my goals – and I did! Working with Fit-Nez became much more than just prepping to compete in my first NPC figure competition. While I was excited to finally get the chance to step on stage for the first time after months and months of hard work, I was thrilled to have brought my life back on track and back to where I had once been – healthy, in shape. The greatest gift Fit-Nez offered was not about nutrition or strength training however – it was giving me my self-confidence back. Competing for the first time was an entirely different experience from what I had been used to and, despite not having won, I was satisfied with my performance and became even more determined to continue to train and progress for my next show. Since working with Fit-Nez, I have come to truly enjoy the process of change and transformation and have learned to never take for granted the love and support of others along the way.