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Fit-Nez shows you that there is nothing mysterious about living a healthy lifestyle. With a plan, it becomes clear and achievable. There is something truly empowering and beautiful about taking control of your life in this way.

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Fit-Nez Cauliflower Mash Each serving: 70 calories | 5g fat | 4g carbs | 2g protein.  4 servings Ingredients 1 head cauliflower, cut into small florets 1.5 tablespoons olive oil or, for a sweeter taste, melted coconut oil Cinnamon Parmesan cheese Steps 1. In a ziplock steam bag place all ingredient and microwave for 3mins. 2. Put oven on “broil’ setting. 3. Transfer Cauliflower Mash to a baking... Read More

5 Fit-Nez TIPS FOR A HEALTHY SPRING BREAK 1. HAVE A REGULAR EXERCISE ROUTINE:  Exercising when you’re on vacation can be difficult. However, exercising regularly will help you feel more energized and healthy to actually better enjoy your vacation. It will also help you burn off some of those extra calories you’ll undoubtedly consume. My trick: I always travel in a workout outfit and... Read More

Fit-Nez Post-Workout Essentials Food is fuel and energy, so be smart and select the best for your post-workout meal including good sources of carbs and protein. Carbohydrates. This is a must in your post-workout because your body needs to refuel your glycogen storage. Research has shown that consuming carbohydrates within two hours of endurance exercise will build adequate glycogen stores. Ingesting... Read More

I know it doesn’t taste the best but it works! Apple Cider Vinegar has a million health benefits but specifically for health and weight loss it can do the following: 1. It can help control blood sugar. 2. Drinking a bit of vinegar can help you feel full if you drink it before a meal, causing an appetite suppression affect. 3. Vinegar has been shown to prevent fat from building up. 4. Vinegar... Read More

What can I do to help prevent soreness post run/workout? 1.  Water, water, water! Drink plenty of water. 2.  Take GLUTAMINE  & BCAA, before each workout & before you go to bed. It will bulletproof your immune system & aid in muscle recovery. If you are wondering if its safe for you… it is!  When you workout you deplete the aminos your body makes, glutamine and BCAA.   For optimal... Read More