Unlocking Me

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Unlocking Me

Inez Sobczak

Arlington, Virginia
Nutritionist, wellness coach, and national competitive bodybuilder, Inez Sobczak battled addiction for years before finding peace in understanding herself. Her victory has led to success personally and professionally.

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A story of courage and truth

Inez’s book uncovers the truth about her Cuban origin, her foster care and adoption story, rescue from a dangerous environment, growing up in a strict Catholic home, abuse, and the impact all this had on her life. Through it all, Inez shares her heart with courage and shows her resilience as a single mother and successful entrepreneur who continues to fight for her own peace and happiness. We can all learn from her to not give up even during times of struggle and learn to not judge a book by its cover, but lead with love and compassion for ourselves and others.

Makeup by Ana B

A life story of froth within all of us.

This book was an amazing read. Inez, through her personal experiences, showed how life’s obstacles can be overcome. Inez shared with us her innermost private life, struggles and accomplishments. She shared the road map of how to rise again and again and never give up. We can see the pieces of struggles and misfortunes in ourselves, it allowed us to accept it and grow and flourish from it.
As I started to read, I couldn’t put it down, every turn took me to new place, of struggle and then joy of overcoming it. It’s a true life awareness and self growth books that I have
read. No matter the struggle, one can overcome. I highly recommend it to all. Fall 7, Rise 8.

Shahab F

Authentic and Relatable

"Unlocking Me" is a story of adversity, trials, and the ability to grow beyond them. The author, Inez Sobczak, shares a candid account of her life's challenges, what she's learned through them, and how she transformed her life. Her authenticity, emotional depth, and practical practical advice make this an ideal book for anyone on a transformative journey. . My favorite part of the book is her focus on rising again, regardless of how many times you fall. I think that this story will resonate with anyone who has a continual struggle that they need to beat (whether its addiction, low self esteem, abuse, or any other challenge).


Practical guidance wrapped in great storytelling

It felt like the author was sitting with me sharing her story. Very approachable. Lots of gems and hard earned lessons to relate to and/or learn from.


Wake up call!

I got this book a few months ago, and I’m happy I did! This book took me to places in my past that I’ve been trying to hide and forget without be able to heal, it just helped me to understand that those moments in my life changed a lot who I was and the decisions I made. Today I decided to forgive myself and to accept that a lot of those things wasn’t my fault. I’m looking at it from a different perspective now! Thank you inez for sharing your story and your dark places ! It’s really inspiring!

Congratulations on this Journey!


Had high expectations and Inez exceeded them🙌🏾

I typically try to take my time when reading a book but I just couldn’t put this book down. The level of transparency, life changing counsel, keys to overcoming obstacles, and captivating stories was remarkable. Another aspect of this book that I wasn’t expecting but loved, is that throughout the book Inez gave ample opportunity for the reader to have personal reflections. It was captivating, therapeutic, entertaining, and this will certainly be a book that I gift to many people in my life.


Amazing Story!

Such an amazing and riveting read! This book is raw, real, and most importantly a reminder that life is not written for you - you choose your path. Your destiny. Inez’s journey took me through so many emotions and even allowed me to reflect on parts of my own life differently. I really really enjoyed it!

Megha M

Raw, Real, and Relatable!

This book is sensational. This is such a raw and real look into a journey of highs and lows, and triumph. What a great read!!

I began reading this book with the intention of reading a couple of chapters...I couldn't put it down. This book was riveting. Inez opens a window into her soul which will certainly inspire those who read it. I've already shared this book with others in hopes that through Inez's story, they may also find the key to unlock themselves!

A.D. Smith

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